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FIA - Research

Research of cultural change

According to the cultural historical approach, cultures and their elements are psycho-functional complexes situated and distributed in the medium in which human beings develop, as a sort of mind toolboxes (eco-neuropsychology and external brain).

Faithful to our foundational objectives and to the adoption of this approach, in Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje we consider it indispensable to to tackle research and awareness programs as well as intervention proposals regarding these tools. From the very start (as Aprendizaje group / Centro de Investigaciones para la Educación y el Desarrollo Humano - CIEDH [Research Center for Education and Human Development]) we have promoted the study of human cultural evolution and the development of new generations:

Sponsoring and carrying out investigations and intervention projects to safeguard traditional and/or native cultures as reservoires of that functional tissue: Cultural Backgrounds of Development.

Sponsoring and carrying out investigations on emergent cultures as molds for new human designs (generational minds): Pygmalion Project.

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