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The Religious Phenomenon: An Inter-disciplinary Approach

Donizete Rodrigues & Pablo del Río (Eds.)

Price: 15€
Language: English

76 pp | ISBN: 84-95264-00-5 | Published February 2000
16,5x24 cm | Paperback
Illustrations: 1 fig.

"The Religious Phenomenon" considers, from history, sociology, anthropology and psychology, the phenomenon of the unexpected revitalisation of religiousness after the generalised secularisation and rationalisation in the modern age.

This book analyses the relationships between the old religions and the vigour of new religious movements, which are often closely linked to widespread transformations of the social environment and to the mass media. The growth of instability and insecurity provoked by rapid social, economic and technological change coincides with this revitalisation of the search for religious responses for coping with these dimensions of change.


Keywords: Anthropology of religion. Psychology of religion.

Readership: Anthropologists and researchers of religious phenomenon.



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Sven-Erik Brodd. Ecclesiological perspectives on new religious movements: some methodological considerations


Anders Ruuth & Donizete Rodrigues. A kingdom of heaven in expansion - until when? Some considerations about the universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Brazil


Cecília Loreta Mariz. The Devil and the Pentecostals in Brazil


Donizete Rodrigues & Ana Paula Santos. Being an Evangelical Gypsy: Religiosity in a small gypsy community in Portugal


Donizete Rodrigues. God, the Devil and witches: Religious practices in Portuguese peasant societies


Tord Fornberg. Why the Queen of Heaven Married the King of the Philippines: On Japanese Mariology

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