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Current Calls for papers for Journal for the Study of Education and Development, Infancia y Aprendizaje

Technology-enhanced learning environments
Sunday, 31 March 2013 00:00

Call for papers closed


Invited Editor: Antoni Badía Garganté

Call open from: March 2013
Manuscript submission deadline: 1st September 2013


The meeting of WWW and Internet evolution has in some cases consolidated new educational modalities such as on-line learning, blended learning, open educational practices, etc. In general terms these practices and modalities reflect a strong tendency towards personalization of learning, going from the construction and adjustment of environments, adapting them more and more to the needs and preferences of users, to the inclusion of tools designed to help students to work out their own learning processes within those environments. In this sense, it is not an overstatement to say that the increasing sophistication of the techno-pedagogical designs and the tendency to a higher personalization of the learning process, found in the educational modalities based on the use of Internet, are closely related to the aim of offering more and better help to learners.


Infancia y Aprendizaje launches an open call for the presentation of original manuscripts for publishing a monographic issue on Digital environments and educational help. The goal of the monographic is to reveal works and investigations focused on help for learning that is associated directly with the possibilities offered by on-line platforms, tools and learning devices.

Read the full call for papers: [Technology-enhanced learning environments]
Special issue for junior researchers: The peer-review process as an opportunity for learning
Monday, 21 January 2013 00:00

Call for papers closed


Coordinator: Dr. Alfredo Bautista

Call open from: January 2013
Manuscript submission deadline: 30th  June 2013

Infancia y Aprendizaje invites junior researchers in the journal’s thematic areas to submit empirical manuscripts for the publication of a special issue that will be entitled “The peer-review process as an opportunity for learning”.

The experience of submitting a manuscript to a peer-reviewed scientific journal constitutes a valuable learning opportunity for the author, regarding both the research topic addressed in the manuscript and the way in which the content is communicated and presented (organization and structure of ideas, stylistic and formatting aspects, etc.). Receiving detailed analyses, critical but at the same time constructive, from several experts in the research area represents an invaluable resource in the academic writing process. This provides authors with diverse and enriching perspectives on their own work, helping them to identify and overcome the manuscript’s main theoretical and/or empirical weaknesses, to construct more solid and compelling arguments, to polish the manuscript and improve its style, and oftentimes even to re-write it from more original or appropriate angles.

This special issue has several purposes. First, to offer some of our readers -in particular, those who are newer to research- this opportunity for learning under carefully designed conditions, that allow maximizing both the quality of the review process and the final product, that is, the published manuscript. Read more about this purpose in this call for papers' full text.

The second purpose of this project continues in the line of several editorial analyses published in Infancia y Aprendizaje some years ago (see Sánchez, García & del Río, 2002; Scheuer, Bautista, Martín & Pozo, 2009). The goal this time is to make visible to our readers the “bowels” of the editorial process, from beginning to end, offering models that allow us to reflect upon our own practices as authors, and also as reviewers.Read more about this purpose in this call for papers' full text.

Finally, this special issue intends to disseminate Infancia y Aprendizaje among new generations of researchers in the thematic areas of the journal, providing them with a space to become protagonists, as authors, of our journal’s pages.

Read the full call for papers [Special issue for junior researchers: The peer-review process as an opportunity for learning]
Written by Carles Monereo   
Friday, 03 August 2012 00:00

Call for papers closed

Manuscript submission deadline: December 31st, 2012.



Traditionally, universities have been an amplifier of social, scientific, cultural, political, and economic conflicts. Although always slowly –we cannot forget that the mission of universities is to conserve the so-called scientific knowledge and to avoid unsubstantiated fashions and fads– the universities have managed to adapt many situations and contexts, meeting the demands of each time.

However, universities have rarely been faced to times as turbulent as the current ones, characterized by a deep global crisis of the academic model (incursion of ICT, based-on-competencies curriculum, mobility needs, accountability, etc.), of the economic model (global deficit, bankrupt states, failure in economic markets, etc.), as well as of the socio-political model (student protest movements, the emergence of radical ideologies, etc.). In the context of this maelstrom, it seems surprising that university teachers (e.g., professors, lecturers, teaching fellows) are still in many cases former students, with little or no training preparation. University teachers often move from learning in the classroom, as students, to teaching others, as educators. Their teaching commonly draws on their own mostly implicit conceptions about the meaning and sense that learning and teaching their own subject matter have.

View the complete call for papers:

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