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Nikolai Veresov, Monash University, New Editor of Culture and Education


(Click here to download this announcement in PDF format)

Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje and our partner, Taylor & Francis / Routledge, are happy to announce that Dr. Nikolai Veresov, Associate Professor of Early Childhood at the Faculty of Education, Monash University, Australia, is the new Editor-in-Chief of the journal Culture and Education.

A renowned scholar in the field of cultural-historical psychology, Dr. Veresov’s experience in cultural-historical theory and research methodology, and his studies in early childhood play, learning, and development, are a perfect fit for a journal that, since its inception, has aimed at transcending education as a solely formal, school-based process, and delving into its cultural, ecological, social, and emotional roots, encompassing all stages and contexts of activity, education and development.

His experience as a daycare centre and kindergarten teacher, and secondary school teacher, ensures a hands-on approach to education, as well as experience and sensitivity towards the work of education professionals. Paired with his extensive work as a researcher, including the publication of numerous landmark books and articles on cultural-historical research and practice, and his experience as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the journal of International Research in Early Childhood Education (IRECE), his is a unique background that integrates seamlessly with Culture and Education’s origins, present, and future.

With Dr. Veresov at the helm, FIA is thrilled to steer this new stage of Culture and Education into its historic course of showcasing research that views education as pertaining to the global sphere of culture; that seeks to understand the process of becoming a person, a process in which family, school, community, media, and any other institution, make up a systemic, irreducible whole; that aims to explain the role of mediations and psychological tools, both social and instrumental.

We invite our authors to read the journal’s new Aims & Scope and Instructions for Authors, and are happy to welcome submissions and proposals for special issues in this new journey.

Dr. Veresov’s work will build on the outstanding leadership of Dr. Liliana Tolchinsky, outgoing Editor of the journal, and her team. We thank her for her excellent service to the journal and our community of authors and readers.


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