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FIA - Online Services - CrossRef - Advantages for Researchers

crossref_logo_blueCrossRef™ advantages for researchers and authors


CrossRef™ sytem's main advantage for researchers is easy, transparent searching and browsing through academic and scientific contents.

They need not bother with endless searches of hard-to-find references: one click on a reference of interest is enough to jump from one article to the next, without having to worry about which journal or what publisher holds the content..

Researchers using an institution or university's network may even access the full text of the article of interest without even noticing they have been transferred to another publisher or journal's website.

The articles listed in the CrossRef™ system are, simply, more readily found and accessible. If authors and researchers make sure their articles are being registered in CrossRef™ (by submitting them to DOI-compliant publications), and libraries and institutional networks from where they access and search for content have implemented the DOI system in their content holdings, visibility and accessibility will be complete.


Forward Linking

Another of CrossRef™'s useful functionalities is forward linking: it opens the possibility of finding articles that cite an article we deem interesting.

In a time when scientific advances take place ever more rapidly, and in which it is therefore ever more difficult to reach the latest references in a given field, researchers are sure to know just how useful this function may be..


FIA authors and DOIs

Since January 2008, here at FIA we forward our journals authors their published articles' DOIs, so that they may safely and reliably find them in the Internet, and make the most of active referencing.

To find an article that has a DOI assigned, you may use CrossRef™'s DOI resolver tool.

For a detailed account of all advantages, you may visit CrossRef™'s researchers information section

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